Bellator To Hand WFL Tourney Winners Contracts

Bellator continue to expand their roster and their connection to Kickboxing, as they’ve announced the winner of the World Fighting League’s upcoming Final 8 Grand Prix and Lightweight tournaments will earn a Bellator contract.

The winners will be decided on September 22nd and 23 at the TopSportCentrum in Almere, Netherlands.

World Fighting League’s heavyweight tournament will be one night eight affair, with the heavyweight showdown featuring Murat Aygun vs. Fabio Kwasi, Sam Tevette vs. Clyde Brunswijk, Andrei Stoica vs. “Boy Boy” Martin and Fred Sikking vs. Nordine Mahieddine. Sikking vs. Nordine replaces the previously announced contest between Ibrahim El Bouni and Levi Rigters.

In the MMA Lightweight Tournament Finale on Sept. 23, Pieter Buist (13-4) meets Soli Abdeselam Mohamed,  Buist is currently riding a four-fight win streak, including two WFL victories, while Bull has also won his previous two bouts inside the WFL cage.

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