WATCH: Dana White Furious At Showtime Over Irish Anthem Issue

UFC President, Dana White spoke with the media yesterday and discussed the issue over Showtime scurrying to find someone to perform the Irish National Anthem, as opposed to locking up Demi Lovato to sing the Star Spangled Banner tomorrow night.

“It’s a crazy story… . Showtime basically popped it on us two days ago (saying) ‘you guys have to’. We thought ‘why do we have to?’ It’s your show.”

White said he had to make frantic phone calls to find a singer for the anthem, turning to iconic U2 frontman Bono for help.

“I was trying to call Ireland at all the wrong times,” he said. “We called Bono first, he said he wanted to do it but he’s got a wedding this weekend. You can’t call these guys with three day’s notice, you know what I mean?”

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