Former MAN U Player Ferdinand To Box Once As A Pro

Former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand announced in September that at the age of 38 he was going to switch professions. It seems that Ferdinand who dreamed of challenging for a title may only make it a one night deal.

He told the BBC Breakfast program:

“I want to see if I can get a licence and become a professional and have one fight.”

“I am not looking to have a career here. I am looking to have a professional fight and I will see where I go then.”

Despite Ferdinand claiming it will only be a one fight deal for now, he was adamant his attempt to become a boxer was something he is taking seriously.

 “This is not a joke. Hopefully, I will get a license, go on to become a professional and fight someone.”

“Boxing can’t be a gimmick. If I take it lightly, I will get hurt.”

Following the path of former footballers Curtis Woodohouse, Leon McKenzie, and Leo Roget is only a British boxing license away.

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