LISTEN: Miesha Tate Goes Off On Edmond Tarverdyan

Former UFC fighter and current Sirius-XM host Miesha Tate unleashed on the coach of Ronda Rousey, Edmond Tarverdyan on her daily MMA Tonight program.

Tate claimed that the idea of a fight is nonsense, and that Tarverdayan suggesting it is an asinine thing to do. Especially with Rousey not even speaking about her MMA career, let alone fighting Cyborg.

“It’s not a real topic of discussion.”

The former fighter turned host makes a personal slight to Tarverdayan saying that the only reason he mentions the idea of a Cyborg and Rousey fight is because “he wants another payday… to pay off that bankruptcy.”
Tarverdyan filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, and has amidst a legal battle regarding his finances ever since.

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