Shane Mosley Sues Over Botched Surgery

Shane Mosley is looking for payback for an elbow surgery that went so wrong, he was forced to retire.

According to a new lawsuit, Mosley was training in March 2017 for an upcoming fight, and went to Dr. Gary Brazina for an issue with his right elbow. Dr. Brazina would advise the four time former world champion to undergo arthroscopic surgery, which would give him plenty of recovery time for his fight.

In a report from TMZ, Mosley claimed the surgery took hours longer than initially suggested, and Brazina revealed he had to “detach some ligaments and reattach them with screws.”

Mosley would also say he developed a fever and a rash the day after surgery, as well as a severe burn which Brazina would fail to tell him about. The burn would end up becoming infected.

The court filings also state that Brazina allegedly altered post-op paperwork to make it seem like the boxer consented to the more invasive procedure.

Mosley is suing Brazina and the hospital where his surgery was performed for damages.

Original Report: TMZ

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