Twitter Reacts to GLORY 56 Decisions

GLORY 56 saw Artem Vakhitov retains his GLORY Light Heavyweight Title against Danyo Ilunga, while Jady Menezes pulled off a shocking upset by defeating Anissa Meksen to win the GLORY Women’s Super Bantamweight Title in Denver.

Both main events are surrounded by a black smoke of controversy as a result of the judges’ scorecards from the bouts. Vakhitov won a unanimous decision, with two judges scoring the contest 48-47 and one a more confusing 49-46 when a good portion of people felt Ilunga did enough to deserve the nod. This, however, couldn’t top the women’s title bout, which saw one judge give the bout 50-45 to Meksen, the defending champion — a score unanimously agreed upon by the kickboxing community. But the other two judges scored the bout as a 48-47 win for Menezes.

And Twitter exploded, with many having a field day at what they saw in the headliners.

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