WATCH: Mayweather-McGregor Post Fight Presser

It was a fight where both fighters had their moments, probably better than most people expected. But in the end, Floyd Mayweather, in his final career bout, defeated Conor McGregor via 10th round TKO.

Mayweather got off to a very slow start, while McGregor got off to a few, nice shots, including a key uppercut on the jaw of Mayweather. It was clear through the first two rounds that some of McGregor’s MMA instincts were still in, clinching Mayweather from behind and throwing hammer fists.

Things continued to get dirty throughout the third and fourth, as Mayweather leaned in and threw a bit low, while McGregor continued with the hammer fists.

But things quickly shifted in the fifth and sixth, as Mayweather’s offense began to pick up. Throughout the seventh and eighth, McGregor began to tire out. Mayweather got rocked by McGregor early in the ninth, but Mayweather rocked McGregor got back and nearly got stopped. The stoppage finally came in the 10th, as Mayweather unleashed a flurry of punches, forcing McGregor into retreat until the ref stopped the action.

Watch both fighters comment on the “Money fight” from the T-Mobile Arena.

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