White: GGG/Canelo Took Mayweather/McGregor Date

When the most anticipated fight in boxing, Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez, was confirmed on Saturday, UFC President Dana White was one of many fans that were excited by the announcement. The date of the middleweight title fight, however, did throw a wrench in one of White’s biggest plans.

White, who was in attendance for Canelo Alvarez’s unanimous decision beatdown of Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., told the media after the fight that Sept. 16 was the date that a potential fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor would take place.

"We just lost our date to Canelo and ‘GGG’," White said when asked about the Mayweather-McGregor negotiations. The UFC boss did not seem too bothered, however. "But good, that’s a good fight. I’ll be at that one too."

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