18-Time World Champion Announces Book Release

So You Want To Be A Champion?!

Anissa Meksen Book Front Cover
Front cover. Picture courtesy of Anissa Meksen.


Female world class Muay Thai and Kickboxing has seen a dramatic surge over the last ten years: the sports have a wider, global audience and are widely more accepted. Calling Kickboxing and Muay Thai mainstream might be a tad too far, but they’re getting there.
With the growth of the sports come more elite strikers – Anissa Meksen is one of them. If not THE one.
Dubbed the Pound-For-Pound Striking Queen due to her ability to fight at a tremendous pace, utilizing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and clinching in one beautiful concoction, and the ability to finish fights brutally. Not only does she show women how it’s done, but definitely also the men – Meksen’s fighting style and pace is awe inspiring whether you’re a man or a woman and truly incredible and exciting to watch.

Yesterday Meksen announced via her Facebook page, that she has released a book which can already be pre-ordered.

The book is about training and working out: Tabata training, weight-cutting, going up in weight, various anaerobic and aerobic exercises, and is basically Meksen’s own arsenal of training tools which she utilizes when preparing for her fights.

Publisher LZ édition:

This book is composed of three parts: a biography, a game plan part, and a series of challenges for the readers.


Anissa Meksen Book Release Facebook Post


Some people think I’m lucky, but in reality many don’t know how hard I’ve worked.

Currently the books is published in French only, but with all books enjoying success a future release in English is possible. We’re going to have to wait and see.

Anissa Meksen Book Back Cover


With this book I tell you how I became the most successful boxer to date.

For more information please visit the official website of the publisher, LZ édition by clicking here.



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