Fury Charts His Course For Unification

Tyson Fury has the list that will get him not only through 2020 but to his dream of becoming the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Speaking with BT Sport, Fury outlined the course he looks to take starting this Saturday against Otto Wallin in Las Vegas.

“I’ll fight Wallin, Wilder, Wilder and the winner of Ruiz-Joshua if they’re available,” said Fury to BT Sport.

“If not, I’ll give Del Boy [Dereck Chisora] another shot. He [Deontay] can’t fight anybody else, because his name is on a contract with with mine. Otto is just by type. He’s tall, he’s blond, he’s got blue eyes, and he’s damn sexy. Just my type. He could give me a good 12 rounds and beat me. What would I do? I’d swing for the hills and hope to land one.”

“I’m a superior boxer. I’m much bigger than anybody in the division,” Fury continued. “I’ve got a much longer reach. I’ve got a much better IQ, and I can fight inside or outside, box or whatever. There’s not much they can do but hope to land a lucky punch. They’ve got to get one on me, and hope they knock me down. I’ve been knocked down before. That’s all you can do.”


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