48-Year-Old Ex-UFC Fighter Chokes Out Opponent In MMA Return

Marcus Davis returned from a near eight-year layoff.

Davis fought against Stephen Stengal at Premier FC 32 and earned his first-ever triangle choke victory. Davis is 48 years old.

He has held more than 30 battles and earned 23 victories in his career.

He was fighting in the UFC from 2006 to 2011. He fought with guys like Nate Diaz, Jeremy Stephens and many others.

At first, he had a great start in the UFC, when he earned six victories in a row, but the end was not his best.

After being released from the UFC, he changed many promotions and fought in Bellator, Fight Night Global and others.

Former UFC Bellator and PFL fighter Ronny Markes also participated in the same event and earned a first-round TKO victory against Victor Jones.

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