58-Year-Old Scot England Faces First-Round Defeat In Welterweight Debut

58-year-old boxer Scot England’s debut ended in disaster, as he set the record for being the oldest welterweight in the world.

Scot made his debut against Jashawn Hunter at the Troubadour Theater in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 5th, 2023. Things went differently than planned. Scot started the bout tentatively as he let off two loose jabs. As he attempted to throw a right hand, Hunter countered with a two-punch combination to send Scot to the canvas six seconds into the fight. Scott managed to get up as the referee allowed the fight to continue. But it was soon over. Hunter landed a jab, which sent Scot backwards, and the referee stopped the fight.


The result was not a surprise and lead observers asking how the bout was sanctioned. Scot obtained a boxing licence despite having no amateur experience. The boxer was a former radio DJ. Meanwhile, his opponent was considerably younger, aged just 23. But Scot fulfilled a long-life dream of making his boxing debut, which he addressed previously. He recalled that he had the chance to write a letter to the late Muhammad Ali and then meet him.

“The first time I walked into his living room, he said are you a boxer? I said no, champ, I’m not tough enough for that, and I wasn’t. Forty years later, I am tough enough,” Scot said

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