911 Call For Jorge Masvidal’s Alleged Attack Of Colby Covington Released

Back in March 2022, Jorge Masvidal was facing allegations of aggravated battery and criminal mischief after starting a fight with Colby Covington.

Almost four months to the date, the 911 audio from that night has gone public. The call was made by an “off-duty- police officer. In the call, that was obtained by TMZ, the officer’s name was muted.

The audio lasted for one minute:

The March 21 fight took place in front of Papi Steak, a restaurant in Miami Beach. The altercation between the fighters had reportedly occurred at the time Covington was leaving the restaurant.
Jorge Masvidal was ordered back in March to stay away from Colby Covington and that he cannot remain within 25 feet of him.

Masvidal pleaded not guilty to two felony charges. He is facing allegations of aggravated battery and criminal mischief.

According to ESPN, the count of aggravated battery comes from Masvidal allegedly striking Covington with a “deadly weapon” — his hands or fists – a caused a great bodily harm – a brain injury.
Covington also lost teeth during the fight.

“Interestingly, the images do not demonstrate an injury aside from a small chip in C.C.’s fake tooth,” Cohen wrote in his request for medical records.

“The evidence collected thus far clearly contradicts C.C.’s allegations. C.C. claims that Defendant hit him from behind. Exclusive footage shows that during the incident, C.C. was facing the individual he identified as Defendant. In fact, C.C. was looking at Defendant head-on prior to taking the hit then appears to run from Defendant in fear.”

The criminal mischief charged is accusing Masvidal of causing more than $1,000 damage to Covington’s property, which is reportedly a watch.

Masvidal’s pre-trial hearing will be taking place on August 17 and his trial will take place on August 29.

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