Burns Supports Dana White, Hopes For Tests

Over the past few weeks, Dana White has started a trend of keeping quiet when it comes to UFC 249. The UFC’s fearless leader will not tell the media anything, even if he has a location in mind. Health concerns are always an issue as a result of the coronavirus. The one thing he has, however, is the support of his fighters.

UFC Welterweight Gilbert Burns spoke to MMA Junkie about how Dana is handling the situation.

“I support the UFC, Dana White,” Burns said. “I think a lot of fighters will go through a tough time staying prepared and getting ready because a lot of gyms are getting locked down. But yeah, I support the UFC. I saw the way they did it at UFC Brasilia.”

A few weeks back, UFC Brasilia was done in front of an empty arena. One of the drawbacks of the event was the fact that the Brazilian Athletic Commission did not test for the coronavirus. Burns (18-3) fought on that card, defeating Demian Maia via TKO in the first round. The win boosted his status in the UFC’s welterweight division.

While it seems disorganized from an outsider’s perspective, Burns see’s the UFC holding events as an advantage for those at home and those who get paid to fight. As of now, there have been no problems on his end.

“They’re so organized that in three days, they changed the whole thing – no ceremonial weigh-ins, no media day, no media in the arena – so I think they can do it the way they did it (in Brasilia). They know how to run it already, and I know they can make it as safe (as possible) for all the fighters and all the people working,” Burns went on to say. “I hope they do because otherwise the UFC is not making money, the arena is not making money, the fighters are not making money, and people need entertainment right now.”

The UFC had to postpone three events as a result of the coronavirus. UFC 249 is in jeopardy of following suit, but Dana is certain the show will go on. While White didn’t say if the UFC would test athletes, Burns is optimistic.

“I’m 100 percent sure Dana White is going to take care of that and test everybody and make sure everyone is safe,” Burns stated. “But for sure, that has to be a mandatory thing they do.”

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