‘A Freak Of Nature’: Tom Aspinall Praises Francis Ngannou On Potential Fight With Tyson Fury

Many have called UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou one of the baddest men alive. And after sabotaging his opponents in the octagon, the ‘Predator’ has now set his sights on the reigning WBC heavyweight king Tyson Fury.

The crossover to boxing is a thing of the present with many MMA fighters willing to compete in the ring with much higher paydays than the MMA.

Ngannou (17-3, 12 KOs) expressed his desire for a crossover match following his contract rift with UFC president Dana White.

“They have to take me seriously,” Ngannou said on his YouTube channel.

There have been many speculations regarding Nagnnou’s potential opponent in boxing, with Fury topping that list. The Cameroonian also admitted that he wants a super fight with Gypsy King sooner or later before saying goodbye to the combat sports for eternity.

“It can be in a phonebooth or wherever, that fight will happen.” Ngannou added. “Obviously he will not come to the MMA, that’s not something that could happen. He would get killed.”

UFC Hall of Famer Georges St-Pierre previously gave his advice on the ongoing row between Ngannou and the UFC.

‘I’m telling him as a friend,” St-Pierre said. “He needs to get paid to his value. And if he’s not satisfied with what the UFC gives him, go get your service somewhere else where they’re gonna pay you well, because he’s not young.”

When asked what were the chances of Ngannou topping Fury in the boxing ring, St-Pierre answered, “Fury has boxed all his life, so the odds will go towards Fury in a boxing match. Of course, they will never fight in MMA because Francis will crush him in under 30 seconds, but I’m just afraid that if he steps into boxing, maybe he’s gonna get the punch. Sometimes, that stuff can break a career.”

Fellow UFC heavyweight Tom Aspinall also shares similar views and believes that Fury will be too good for Ngannou if they meet in a boxing ring.

But the Englishman acknowledged Predator’s exploits in the octagon, describing him as “an absolute beast, freak of nature and the most dangerous man to ever fight in the UFC.”

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