A Marvin Hagler Biopic Is In The Works

Actor Sam Rockwell and producer Mark Berger are planning a feature film based on former undisputed middleweight boxing champion Marvin Hagler.

According to the Hollywood reporter, Berger’s Play Hooky Productions has secured the rights to Dave Wedge’s upcoming book, ‘Blood & Hate: The Untold Story of Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s Battle for Glory.’  Rockwell and Berger will produce the project, while Rockwell may also star as one of the Petronelli brothers, who were Hagler’s managers/trainers.

There is no news about who will play Hagler. However, with the book set to be released in 2025, the search will be on. Finding the appropriate actor to portray Hagler after his passing in 2021 will be a tough task. He was the Undisputed Middleweight Champion from 1980 to 1987.

He defended his title twelve times; his 1985 fight against Thomas Hearns is considered one of the most thrilling fights ever. While it was only a three-rounder, both men began swinging from the off as Hagler secured the stoppage. Hagler retired with a 62-3-2 record. 52 of his wins were by knockout. Rockwell was looking forward to telling Hagler’s story.

“I remember watching Marvin Hagler’s fights in the 1980s and was always astonished by his talent and grit. He was an extraordinary southpaw. Now to be able to tell his underdog story, especially as a lifelong boxing fan, is a dream come true,” Rockwell said 


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