A Profile on Sean O’Malley 

When we talk about Sean O’Malley, we see people divided into two different groups. One of them thinks of Sean as a great legendary fighter and the others think that he is nothing but an overrated boxer. But, in this duel between the two groups, no one can deny the fact that Sean brews a whole lot of enthusiasm and interest whenever he steps into the UFC ring to fight. As per recent news is concerned, Sean along with three other well-known fighters is sidelined for six months as they failed to pass the medical test. Controversy has always been a part of his life and that is what makes him a very intriguing character. With Sean’s confidence on an all-time high, you can bet on him while getting the best UFC odds in Canada.

When you think about his techniques, you remember the power behind his punches and the force behind his striking. But, Sean as a character has gained more and more popularity with deeds outside the ring, especially by the way he handles the media and calls himself the very best. However, UFC fans regard him as a ‘ducker’ against tougher competitors but he pays the least attention to them anyway. 

We would like to quote some of his heartfelt comments which give a glimpse of the kind of character he is. Once, Sean said to UFC.com, “My haters can not watch how I fight. When I’m in the ring fighting, and you can not refrain yourself from watching it, they’d not like to miss a single glimpse of a champion fighting– you have to see it. As far as they are seeing, that is all that matters to me”. He also added, “All my haters who talk shit about me in the comments do not have the guts to miss my fight.”  No doubt that these kinds of comments show the arrogance in him as a fighter but it helps to personify his dominant character as well. By his words, he means to rule the UFC arena, in and out of the ring. 

Nevertheless, Sean is yet to get a ranking number in his shirt from UFC. Among his most recent victories, it has been against Raulian Paiva at UFC 269, but even before that fans have given him the name of “The unranked champion”. Pauline Paiva was himself in his merry form as he had gained an unbeaten streak of three wins (most recent against Kyler Phillips) before stepping into the ring against Sean. But that streak was broken by the unranked champion. 

The craze regarding this fighter began to grow when he earned a thumping victory against Kris Moutinho at UFC 264. After that match, Sean announced “I believe that I am one of the greatest superstars in the UFC. I know that when everyone else is fighting, you have to choose to watch my bout. That is  how I got the ‘Unranked Champ’ aura in me.” With his fans, he also rates himself as the champion who is yet to get a ranking. 

But, life took an ugly turn for Sean after a recent medical test which he could not go through cleanly. 

After considerably beating superb boxer Raulian Paiva at the UFC 269 event fought at Mobile, he was handed a huge 180 days of suspension from any UFC fights after he failed to pass the fit-to-fight test incorporated by the Athletic Commission Nevada. Along with Sean, the other fighters who are also banned for six long months are Randy Costa, Erin Blanchfield, and Pedro Munhoz. 

On Tuesday this week, the list of banned players was provided on the official website of the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC). They are still under supervision by the medical practitioners and can even obtain a clean chit soon if the doctors recommend it in their favor. 

Sean’s most recent rival whom he defeated recently Rauline Paiva is also subjected to a 45-day suspension. Doctors concluded that Sean’s hand injury is dire and he has to take a rest from all kinds of boxing bouts for at least six months.  


Sean seems to be a very determined UFC fighter and is promising to be one of the best fighters of his generation in the future. The aura and attitude he carries in and out of the right make him a pretty exciting character. However, it is not that he boasts without up to the mark performances. Fans are in awe after he faced a serious hand injury in the Paiva match (won) and was suspended for six months until he recovers from it. But let us assure you that fighters can step into the ring as soon as they become completely fit and gets a green signal from the doctors. We are sure that we are going to see the beast once again in the UFC ring before the span of six months.

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