ABC Passes Laws To Change Weight Cutting

In an attempt to help combat the issues if extreme weigh cutting, the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) have announced a new initiative that could have a major impact on the sport.

On Tuesday, the ABC would pass new regulations will go into effect on January 1st, 2019. These key details via Erik Magraken of Combat Sports Law:

  • Any 8, 10, or 12 round championship Bout will be subject to a follow up weigh-in held at a time and place determined by the local commission. At this follow up weigh-in the boxers cannot exceed 10% of the Bout contract weight.
  • If a fighter misses weight at this second day weigh-in the bout shall continue as a title fight only for the boxer that has made weight.
  • The over-weight boxer wins this bout he/she cannot claim the title. If the champion is the one who comes in over-weight the title becomes vacant upon victory. It should be noted there is NO opportunity to lose weight at this Second day weigh-in. It is a onetime weigh-in.
  • A minimum FINE for missing weight on either day of at least 10% of the offender’s purse which shall go to the other boxer. Commissions may also choose to fine and/or issue a suspension to the offender.
  • The ABC will recommend to the sanctioning bodies that any rated boxer who exceeds the contracted weight and/or the ten percent (10%) maximum allowable weight gain on the second-day weigh-in for any championship fight, be lowered in the ratings and not be allowed to participate in Championship bouts for twelve (12) months.

These provisions shall be subject to and determined by any and all the sanctioning organizations.

The new rules will more than likely be implemented by all four major sanctioning bodies (WBA, WBO, WBC, IBF). The WBC already has a  30- and 7-day weight checks for title fights, while the IBF has the 10% rule for second-day weigh-ins (except for unification bouts).


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