Abdelaziz Blasts “McQuitter”

Ali Abdelaziz is not the president of the Conor McGregor fan club, in-fact the controversial manager continues to bait the former champion.

“Listen, Conor does not want to have to do anything with Gaethje,” Abdelaziz told TMZ Sports of McGregor not setting up a fight with the up-and-coming lightweight.

“We understand, Gaethje takes a lot of people into deep water. We understand Conor is a quitter. He quits when he’s in deep water. Why the hell does he need to fight. The UFC made the right choice not to [have him] fight Gaethje because he would have beat his a**. Simple.”

“Logically, he is [next],” Abdelaziz said of Gaethje facing the winner of UFC 249’s main event between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson for the lightweight title.

“He’s ranked number three. Number two Dustin Poirier fought for the title. That’s the only fight that makes sense for him, for his career, to fight the champion.”

Transcriptions: BJ Penn

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