Abel Hopes Alvarez Doesn’t Duck GGG

While Eddy Reynoso has asked his counterpart to keep his mouth shut, Abel Sanchez continues to do the opposite, as their two fighters prepare for their highly anticipated rematch.

When asked about the first showdown between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez, Sanchez said that Alvarez “ran, he stalled, he didn’t conquer,” in their controversial 2017 draw.

“The last fight between Gennady and Canelo was a real contrast of styles,” said Sanchez.

“Gennady had to chase Canelo, who boasted that he was the true Mexican warrior, around the ring. It reminded me of the four corners offense those old Dean Smith-coached basketball teams used to play. I’m seriously considering asking the Nevada Athletic Commission to install a 24-second clock to force Canelo to engage.”

When asked about what lead to the draw, Sanchez believes his fighter should have won the fight, just based on his activity.

“Compare the activity between the fighters in their first fight,: Sanchez said in an interview.

“Gennady did everything in that fight. Gennady wasn’t the one who got booed by the fans when those crazy scorecards were announced. And Gennady is going to do even more in the rematch. I read that Canelo isn’t eating beef in this camp. Let’s just hope he stopped eating duck too.”

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