Covington: It Would Be An Honor To Fight Masvidal

Colby Covington has not fought in nearly a year, and with UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman now out until the end of this year, it seems “Chaos” will be on-pause for a little while longer.

Speaking with BJ Penn radio, Covington explained that if the opportunity presented itself, he’d be “honored” to fight his longtime friend Jorge Masvideal.

“We were talking about this at least four or five years ago,” he said. “I mean, we talked about it. That’s the epitome of a friend’s relationship, to be able to go for the highest honor in the sport that you chose to fight for the number one and two spot in the world.

“I mean, it would be an honor to fight each other. It’d be a dream come true for us both because we’re both going to make so much money. Dude, we’re fighting f*****g sparring hundreds of rounds for free in American top team.”

If the fight were to materialize, Covington sees it as a massive payday for both himself and “Gamebred.”

“I mean, now we’re going to get paid $500 million,” he said. “That’s an easy no brainer. I mean, it wouldn’t even be hard to fight him, dude. Friendship aside, this is business. We’re both here to do business. I want to put food on the table for my mom. She’s got a tough upbringing, tough life. I want to get my family what they never had growing up.

“I grew up in the trailer parks, Jason. I didn’t have a good upbringing. It was a tough upbringing. I was on the Top Ramen diet. That was my diet growing up, Top Ramen three times a day. Pork in the morning, chicken in the afternoon and beef at night. That was my diet.”

“I’ll fight anybody. I don’t give a f**k who’s in front of me,” he continued. “I got no friends in my weight class. Yeah [Masvidal and I are] best friends right now, but as soon as the lights turn on and we’re in the big city, man, there’s no friends. I’m here to do business.”

In the meantime, Masvidal will square off against Ben Askren at UFC 239, and feels his American Top Team training partner will beat the “science teacher,” Askren.

“That’s my boy, man,” Covington said of Masvidal. “I saw him today. I’m very proud and happy for what he’s accomplishing. He had a couple setbacks. He was on a little losing streak. He was down and out. I’m proud of the way he responds to that.

“I hope he goes out there and beats up that 40-year-old science school teacher nerd. He’s got a big fight ahead of him and he’s just kind of focused on what’s ahead of him right now.”


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