Adam Kownacki Would Like To Leave Fans With A Win

Turkish Olympian Ali Eren Demirezen (17-1, 12 KOs) scored a unanimous decision victory over Polish star and Brooklyn fan-favorite Adam Kownacki (20-3, 15 KOs) after 10 rounds of heavyweight action Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

“I truly love fighting in the U.S. and I love New York so I said before you will see me more,” said Demirezen. “I was nervous because he’s a strong fighter and I could have been much better, but it’s my first time here and he’d fought here before.”

This was Kownacki’s 11th fight at the Barclays Center, and he had many of his hometown fans cheering him on.

The Polish fighter had a very strong start. However, as the match progressed Demirezen became the more aggressive fighter, throwing 915 punches to Kownacki’s 851, while landing 239 power punches compared to Kownacki’s 186.

Kownocki hoped to return to the win column after back-to-back losses to Robert Helenius.

“I’m a bit rusty, I think he was getting off first in the exchanges, I didn’t’ sit down as much, I think the rust played a part, being out so long,” said Kownacki. “I was out of the ring since last October, camp was good but I don’t know, I was letting him get off first, I wasn’t moving my feet. I went back to the old me instead of the first few rounds when I was doing good.

“I have two kids, I’ll have a long talk with my wife to see what I want to do. I’ve had so many fights here, so many great memories, I don’t want to go out like a loser. I would like another fight to leave my fans with a win.”

Kownacki did put up a worthy fight. In round 10, he was able to bring his legion of fans to their feet as he rocked Demirezen with a right hand. With blood in his eye, he forced Demirezen to temporarily fight on his back foot. However, Demirezen recovered and went on to win the match.

“I promised everyone a war, and that’s what the people got,” said Demirezen. “I beat him in his hometown. I want to be an inspiration and a role model for Turkish youngsters that were watching this fight. I hope I made them proud.”

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