Adams Defeats Mosley Jr in Contender Finale

Brandon Adams has claimed the title of The Contender, defeating Shane Mosley Jr. in the tournament final of the revived series at The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Adams controlled the fight from the beginning, stunning Mosley late in the first and rocking him again late in the second. Adams continued to pound away, albeit at a slower pace over the next few rounds, while Mosley Jr., the son of the former three-division champion, found much difficulty trying to land anything on Adams.

Mosley looked exhausted by the halfway point of the bout, as he was continuously forced back by Adams’ punching. Adams cut Mosley over his left eye in the seventh before working over the body in the eighth.

While he did not knock down Mosley in the fight, Adams picked him apart of the remaining four rounds to easily take the scorecards 99-91, 100-90, 100-90 to win The Contender title.

Adams now earns a top-10 ranking and $250,000 for winning the competition. In addition, former champion Andre Ward presented Adams with a The Contender title belt.

You can watch the entire Adams-Mosley fight, as well as the rest of The Contender Finale card, in the embedded video above.

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