Adesanya Wants To Prove He Can Beat Romero

While Darren Till may have put himself in position for a shot at the UFC middleweight championship, Israel Adesanya has someone else in mind for his next opponent.

“I want to defend my title again in February or March,” Adesanya told MMA Fighting on Monday. “Because homeboy [Paulo Costa], the guy I called out next, he’s been put out for a while. He can’t fight for eight months so I want to try and get whoever I can, probably [Yoel] Romero is who I’m asking for, either February or March.”

Romero has called for a title shot in the wake of Costa suffering an injury and keeping him out of action until this coming April.

“Nope, that’s not the fight as a matchmaker I’d get next because the guy’s coming off a loss,” Adesanya explained why Romero isn’t thought of as his next opponent. “Not just one, not just two but three of his last four fights have been losses. That’s not the smart move to make next but as me, as a fighter I want to fight the guy everyone thinks can beat me.

“Everyone was hyping up the Robert [Whittaker] fight like how are you going to beat Robert? He went 10 rounds with Romero! I was like and the f*ck what? At the press conference, I said ‘so the f*ck what?’. He’s good but people think he’s this boogieman, maybe it’s just the muscle thing but everybody thinks muscles win fights but not in this era.”

“I think his skill set as a wrestler [makes him dangerous],” Adesanya said of Romero. “Also, he’s got some interesting tactics — stoolgate, never make weight, pulling out — he has his ways. As Eddie Guerrero says ‘if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying’ and he has wisdom for trying.”

“I said hold my beer, let me show you how it’s done,” Adesanya said confidently of facing Romero next.

“I took care of Robert and people said Romero couldn’t finish him, how are you going to finish him? I did it in two [rounds]. I did it twice — in the first and the second round.”

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