Adrien Broner: ‘I Wanna Come In & Get A Tough Test’

Adrien Broner feels his return is all about “The Problem,” but he still hopes for tough opposition.

Broner was expected to collide with Pedro Campa on February 13. That plan was scrapped after Campa came in contact with a member of his team who tested positive for COVID-19. It’s been reported that undefeated Michel Rivera is a frontrunner to replace Campa but nothing has been made official at this time.

During an appearance on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer, Broner said that he’s just prepared to showcase the work he’s put in during his absence (via

“At this point, it don’t matter who they get. I’m in shape. I’ve been training my ass off, and I’m ready to come back and show the world what they’ve been missing.”

Broner did say, however, that he isn’t looking to fight a can. He believes his initial opponent should’ve solidified that claim.

“Sh-t, his record speak for itself. He was 31-1. You know, he was a great opponent. I didn’t wanna come in and just get somebody I could just go in and knock out. I wanna come in and get a tough test and, you know, get the ball back rolling.”

Broner hasn’t competed since January 2019. He fell short in his bid for the WBA (Regular) Welterweight Title, losing to Manny Pacquiao via unanimous decision. Broner hasn’t emerged victorious since February 2017 against Adrian Granados via split decision. Broner has gone 0-2-1 in his last three outings.

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