Adrien Broner Thinks Errol Spence Jr And Terence Crawford Will Fight More Than Once

Broner said that the sport "needs" the fight.

Adrien Broner has opened up about the idea of Terence Crawford and Errol Spence Jr potentially fighting not once, not twice, but thrice in the same calendar year.

“I see a trilogy, and then both of them retiring because these are going to be three grueling fights where you got a head honcho fighting another head honcho, who ain’t trying to back down,” Broner said on “The Last Stand.”

The veteran boxer said that he loves the idea of both juggernauts taking on each other in back-to-back action as a boxing fans, but this may end up with one of them or both sustaining major injuries.

“They both got big egos, and they’re going to fight to the death. It’s going to be a crazy fight. I just pray that both of them are able to leave the ring not too busted up because this is the hurt game and live a good life after this.

“I don’t want to say somebody’s to blame because I’m not 100% in their business, but if you know boxing, you can see who the blame is and why it didn’t happen. So, I ain’t going into that.”

Crawford and Spence have been in talks for a potential superfight for months now. They were close to fighting this year, but now it feels they are willing to share the ring in mid or late 2023.

Broner also foresees the two boxing stars finalizing a deal soon.

“Yeah, I see them fighting [in 2023]. The sport needs it, and I can see it happening next year,” he said.

“It don’t frustrate me because I’m not in that predicament, but as a fan, I’m like, ‘Damn, I really wanted to see it because this is going to be a grueling match and probably a fight that we’ll never see like this again. Of course, as a fan, I always want to see it.”

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