Adrien Broner Will Be Released From Jail

Former world boxing champion Adrien Broner will have his freedom back as long as he complies with the court. reported earlier this week that Broner was sent to jail for contempt of court. Judge Nancy Margaret Russo wasn’t satisfied with Broner’s reason for not paying an $830,000 judgment stemming from a 2018 sexual assault case. Broner claimed that he only had $13 in cash.

When pressed on how he was able to flaunt wads of cash on his Instagram account, Broner claimed that his “friends” Al Haymon, Gervonta Davis, and Stephen Espinoza gave him the money. Russo wasn’t buying the story and ruled that Broner would be held in jail until he delivered accurate and complete information on his finances.

Broner has agreed to provide the financial information in the form of tax returns as well as an undisclosed bout agreement for January that will help pay off the judgment.

Judge Russo had some advice for Broner (via

“This is serious stuff. I have the right to hold you in contempt until you answer every single one of these questions. Make life easy on yourself and answer the questions.”

Judge Russo added the following.

“Stay off Instagram. Think about how much trouble Instagram has caused for you. And for what? If you think people are not watching your social media, you’re wrong.”

Broner hasn’t competed since January 2019. He dropped a unanimous decision to boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. The bout was contested for the WBA (Regular) Welterweight Championship. Broner hasn’t won a fight since February 18, 2017.

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