Adrien Broner’s Strange Outburst At McDonald’s Staff – Police Almost Called

Adrien Broner was involved in a bizarre confrontation at a McDonalds as the boxer was unhappy over how his food had been prepared. 

Broner was seen raising his voice, in this clip below, as it became clear that the four-division champion may have been serious after initial suggestions that it was all tongue-and-cheek. Broner went on to say the following comments.

“My boy. Come holler at me my n***** before I come grab you up back there, my boy.Hey, my boy,’ Broner yelled. ‘Who cooked this, my boy? Somebody check my s*** right here, my boy. I gotta check it right here to make sure nobody,” Broner

As things continued to get out of control, the workers at the establishment informed Broner and his friend, who was recording, that the authorities would be called.

One employee said: “Sir, can you put that away?” to which Broner’s friend stated: Nah, I’ll record this. This is crazy. She calling the police.”

This is not the ideal preparation for Broner following the news that he is set to face Chris Howard on November 4th, 2023. This follows Broner’s last fight, which was a win over William Hutchinson after he made his comeback after more than two years out of the ring. The boxer had been very vocal about his struggles, which included alcohol, mental health and bankruptcy issues. Therefore, this latest incident is unlikely to help his situation. And understandably, the boxer’s behavior was not well-received on social media.

Social Media Response

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