After A Series Of Backlash, WBA Declares Its Interim Welterweight Title Vacant

The WBA interim welterweight title Gabriel Maestre sported shortly is now declared vacant.

The sanctioning body announced the now vacant title on Thursday, following a series of backlash on Maestre – who was tapped as the winner via unanimous decision — and the six-month suspension of judge Gloria Martinez Rizzo.

The August 7 fight has also been declared as a “No Contest.” Both parties have 60 days to make the fight.

“The World Boxing Association promotes the values of fair competition and respect for others, as well as the constant work for the systematic development of this sport and providing opportunities for boxers to achieve their dreams,” the WBA wrote in a statement.

The organization noted that if there is a purse bid, the split will go 50% for each boxer.

None of the judges who were assigned to the original bout will work the rematch, which was requested by Marshall Kauffman, head of King’s promotions who represents Fox.

In a separate announcement, WBA Gilberto Mendoza previously announced the sanctioning body will cut back on the number of titles made available per weight division.

Fox retweeted a tweet Thursday, following the WBA’s announcement of the vacant title, that the August 7 should be reversed to a win for Fox.

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