After GLORY 24 win, Ben Adegbuyi is ready for Rico Verhoeven

On Friday, Oct. 9, Romania’s Benjamin Adegbuyi won the one-night, four man heavyweight contender tournament at GLORY 24 to earn himself a shot at redemption versus Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 26 AMSTERDAM. Adegubuyi took down Mladen Brestovac and Jahfarr Wilnis in Denver and now will travel to Holland in search of a belt.

“It was a great night and I’m happy that I won,” said Adegbuyi. “The first fight was not very hard, but it was a good fight. Mladen is a tough opponent. My second fight was very hard. In the last two rounds, you can see it. I just wanted to win, so I didn’t stop kicking and punching. Judges gave it to me. I give a lot of credit to Jahfarr. He’s a tough fighter.”

Adegbuyi, 30, came up short against Verhoeven at GLORY 22 in June, after staying with the Dutchman in the early rounds the Romanian couldn’t keep pace as the fight wore on and Verhoeven was able to take the victory.

Even though he was outmatched in their first tilt, Adegbuyi is looking forward to his second chance Air Maniax.

“I’m happy to get a chance to fight Rico again. I’ll have two months to prepare,” Adegbuyi said. “The first thing is that I’ve already fought five rounds with him. So I already know what it’s all about. I know Rico now. He is a tough fighter also, but nothing that I don’t know. I know everything he throws. Maybe I’ll be able to have a better strategy to counter everything.”

Verhoeven and Adegbuyi will headline GLORY 26 AMSTERDAM on December 4 and the challenger can’t wait.

“I’m looking forward to Amsterdam. A lot of people say kickboxing started there. It’s a new era of kickboxing. It’s a pleasure for me to be there and to try to get the belt again.”

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