After Years Of Talk, Amir Khan And Kell Brook Set To Meet In Ring February 2022

The all-British blockbuster fight between Amir Khan and Kell Brook is all set to take place on February 19 under the flagship of Matchroom Boxing in Manchester, UK.

The acrimonious duel that has been talked about for years is now just under 12 weeks away for fight fans.

To start things off, both camps held an official press conference and narrated their sentiments after the fight was officially signed. And as it turns out, there is no love lost between the two former champions as they are itching to let their hands fly on each other.

Khan has also placed a weight penalty to “ensure” Brook makes their contracted weight limit of 149 pounds, which is two pounds over the welterweight limit. If Brook comes in overweight, he will have to pay £100,000 for every pound he is over.

“The fight is at 149-pounds because Kell Brook could not make 147-pounds. If I had said no to the weight limit I would have got the blame again so I have allowed him that but there are extreme financial penalties if he misses weight. If he ends up over 149-pounds there will be penalties because I am already letting him be the bigger man,” Khan said.

The press conference was a bit different from usual press conferences as both the fighters went straight into a face-off.

The two pugilists were seen sharing a few harsh words, which led to them shoving each other. And before things could have gone out of control, both fighters were separated and soon afterward, the official presser headed by Adam Smith kicked off.

The opening query was directed towards Brook, who was asked what his emotions were after finally landing the fight, which he had been chasing for a very long time.

“Adam, you know how long this has been going on,” Brook started. “Me and him, it’s been 17 years this has been talked about. Even the negotiations, it’s been incredibly hard work, it’s been on, it’s been off, it’s been on, it’s been off. But finally got it across the line.”

“I’m ecstatic that the fans are gonna see this fight, what they’ve wanted to see for years.”

Previously, both fighters have been involved in a fist of verbal altercations, promising to knock each other out. The matter even went a bit far with things taking a rather personal turn.

And when asked about from where this pungency stemmed from, Brook responded.

“It started from the original promoters back in the day. We’ve always had it we’re gonna be fighting each other but he’s always seemed to veer off,” Brook said.

“He’s never given me no respect, he’s never acknowledged me. He’s saying ‘fight this guy and I’ll fight you, win a world title I’ll fight you,’ he’s always run away. I think it’s come to this part of his career where there’s nowhere else for him to run so now he wants to fight.”

Khan, however, had a rather different view of all this affair, explaining that it was a total loss for him if he had accepted this fight back then.

“I respect him as a fighter…in my last ten years I’ve fought two of the best pound-for-pound fighters — maybe got beat but still young, fighting the best out there. Never ran from Kell, never needed to.

“…I fought the best around the world. I’ve conquered America and for me to give the British fans this fight, I am coming levels down because people want to see this fight,” he added. “People want to see me punch him in the face, and that’s what they’re gonna get.”

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