‘Against All Odds’: A Movie Looking At The Life Of Boxing Legend Gerri Coetzee

Producer Andre Scholtz is on the project

On January 12th, 2023, the former WBA world boxing champion Gerri Coetzee passed away at the age of 67.

Just as one boxing legend had passed, another one had gone on the same day a year before, as former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier died at the same age.

Coetzee, being the focus, was widely acclaimed for becoming the first African to win a heavyweight championship title. And in the process of doing so, he defeated Michael Dokes in the most courageous of ways.

Despite having broken his right hand in numerous places, which required 23 operations, Coetzee pulled off the ‘upset of the year,’ as per Ring Magazine.

Prior to this victory, Coetzee had three attempts to gain the title but was unsuccessful in both of his first two attempts. He was denied the WBA title by John Tate in 1976 and also by Mike Weaver in 1980.

Coetzee wrapped up his professional boxing career with a record of 33 wins, six losses, and one draw and knocked out a total of 21 opponents. Meanwhile, his amateur career tallied a record of 185 wins and seven losses.

But that only went some way to show the measure of the man. Outside of the ring, Coetzee was a staunch opponent of Apartheid. He eventually became close friends with Nelson Mandela.

It is only fitting, then, that a movie is in the works looking back at Coetzee’s life. Dubbed ‘Against All Odds,’ director and producer Kendrrie gave an insight into what went down to put the project together in a Q & A with reporter Ken Hissner.

What We Know About The Movie

KEN: “Who will play Gerrie Coezee?”

KENDRRIE: “The production team decided to cast Dricus du Plessus and the upcoming star in the MMA ring. He is from Pretoria, South Africa.”

KEN: “Who will be the director and producer?”

KENDDRIE: “I am executive producer and award-winning Director, Koos Roets, from Klasstrom, South Africa. He’s well-regarded, and he’s sure to bring great clarity and experience to the film.”

KEN: “Who wrote the script for the movie?”

KENDDRIE: “The original screenplay of the film was written by seasoned Nigerian screenwriter Ernest Enobong and Director Koos Roets.”

KEN: “Where will the funding come from?”

KENDDRIE: “Most of the funding will come from the United States. We’ve assembled an amazing team that includes Academy Award-nominated Producer Andre Scholtz, Oscar-winning composer Trevor Alfred Charles Jones and award-winning cinematographer Vicci Turpin. As for Bang, will be working with Producer, agent and casting director Mike Styles.”

KEN: “Where was filming?”

KENDDRIE: “The film will be shot in the beautiful cities of Cape Town, Monaco and Akron, Ohio.”

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