Aggressive Fan Tries To Fight Ian Garry After His Win At UFC 285

A video has been circulating on social media showing a man provoking Ian Garry outside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. This was moments after UFC285 wrapped up, where Garry picked up a TKO win against Song Kenan in the third round.

There was no security around, and luckily the fan and Garry did not get involved physically. A couple of bystanders were quick to hold the man back before things may have turned ugly.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, the welterweight explained what exactly went down after the fight.

“I just hear this guy shouting, screaming, coming through like where all the cars were and he’s like, ‘Bro that’s the easiest f***ing 50k I’ve ever made in my life,” Garry said. “I’m f***ing awesome.’ He’s just screaming and shouting. I don’t know if he was off his face or what he was doing. But then he just bumped into me. And I just turned around to him and I’m like, ‘Hey, relax.’

He added:

“And he turns around and goes, ‘Or what?’ I just start laughing and I look at him like, ‘Sorry?’ And he’s like, ‘Or what? I’m a fighter, I do this s***. You don’t want any of this smoke.’”

The UFC star said he was very close to having a fistfight with the man.

“I’ve never been in a fight outside the Octagon because I’m too smart. But it took everything in me, with the way he was eyeballing me, not to go at him,”

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