Ahead of Elbir Fight, Chris Eubank Jr. Explains How Brother’s Death Took A Toll On Him

The son of legendary boxer Chris Eubank and now a flagship fighter of Sky Sports boxing, Eubank Jr, has opened up about the loss of his younger brother Sebastian.

Trained by former heavyweight champion, Roy Jones Jr., the 31-year old has had a difficult period lately, dealing with his brother’s death in July and contracting Covid-19 at the same time.

“Obviously it was very recent and it definitely took a toll on me mentally, it was hard to go to the gym and train and act like everything was okay,” the veteran boxer said. “On top of that I got Covid at the same time, then I got over Covid and I got sick again a week after.”


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Eubank Jr. said he is not going to let the hurdles in life bring him down or think about retirement any time soon.

“I’m watching boxers and UFC fighters [aged] 38, 39, 40, 41 and they’re still getting in the ring and they’re still fighting so as far I’m concerned, I’ve still got 10 years to entertain, to make money and to fulfill all my dreams,” Eubank said.

The 31-year-old also had an explanation for why he went for the Sven Elbir bout, which is scheduled for October 2 at the Wembley Arena.

“Mentally and physically I was drained, so we decided that we would go with the step up against Sven Elbir, a strong, tough opponent, the right opponent for me to get into the ring with, and then we’re looking for a world title or a very big name at the end of the year in December.”

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