Ahead Of Return, Mayweather Talks Davis’ Career

While the relationship between Floyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis can be consider tumultuous, the boxer turned promoter refused to let anyone blame his protege for who he stands across the ring from.

Speaking at Thursday’s press conference for Davis’ WBA “super” super featherweight title defense against Hugo Ruiz, a last second opponent to replace the recently injured Abner Mares.

“Every time he has came to me,” Mayweather said, “when I say, ‘Who you wanna fight?,’ he say, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ So he don’t pick and choose. So, if y’all wanna criticize anybody, criticize me, criticize Leonard Ellerbe or criticize whoever. But don’t criticize the fighters. The fighter’s job is to go out there and fight and be the best that they could possibly be.”

Last week Mares would pull out of the fight set for Carson, California, due to a detached retina in his right eye, forcing Ruiz to step up for his second fight in three weeks.

“I’ll tell Tank this, for years, Tank, they criticized me from the beginning,” Mayweather said of how Mayweather has handled scheduling opponents during his boxing career. “First, they said [things about] the fighters, I was the smaller man. Then, when I was the knockout artist, they said, ‘Mayweather’s not fighting against nobody.’ And then, when I became an older fighter and my body broke down and I was going the distance, they said, ‘Well, Mayweather don’t got the knockout power.’ What you keep doing is going out there and winning. You fight for you and your family and your children. That’s what’s important.

“Me, myself, if I don’t throw another punch a day in my life, I made smart investments. And that’s the ultimate goal for us to help you do, make smart investments on the outside. Because soon – I’ve been at the top for 23 years – when I was at the top at the beginning, it was none of these writers, totally different writers. They’re gonna write good about you, they’re gonna write bad about you. But the ultimate goal is as long as they write about you. That’s the ultimate goal.”

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