AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships Set To Begin October 24

The AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships is set to commence on October 24 with 105 countries participating in the event.

Belgrade will host the tournament that includes 650 registered boxers, the most in the competition’s history.

Thirteen weight categories have been added for the event, making the Belgrade Championships the first major competition with such a format.

Cuban boxing stars such as Andy Cruz Gomez, Roniel Iglesias, Arlen Lopez, Julio La Cruz and Lazaro Alvarez will be seen in action as well.

Other rising stars like Hovhannes Bachkov (Armenia), Loren Alfonso Dominguez (Azerbaijan), Wanderson de Oliveira and Abner Teixeira (Brazil) are making their way into the competition too.

A total of $2.6 million has been allocated as prize money for all medalists. Anyone who wins gold will be awarded with $100,000, the silver medalists will get $50,000, whereas bronze medalists will be awarded $25,000.

“I believe that this World Championships will start a new chapter in AIBA’s history. We have a record number of participants competing in 13 new weight categories, which is a sign of boxing’s strength and extensive global development,” Kremlev said.

“We are providing our athletes with the best opportunities to succeed and we will do our utmost to ensure a fair chance and fair fights for every participant.”

The final will be held on November 6.

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