AIBA Working To Expand Boxing Development In Palestine

International Boxing Association (AIBA) President Umar Kremlev has affirmed support to Palestine’s athletes as the country has been undergoing a socio-economic crisis for a few years.

The constant rift with Israel has left the Palestine residents with little to look forward to. This has affected their aspiring athletes as well who are unable to compete at the highest level due to lack of funds.

But this might change soon after the AIBA president called on the president of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, on Wednesday.

“Boxing is a universal sport and everyone should have equal access to participating in it and honing their skills,” Umar Kremlev said. “Palestinian boxers have shown a lot of talent, and as the international governing for the sport it is our duty to ensure they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.”

Mahmoud Abbas admitted that Palestine did not pay heed to sports in recent times, but was looking forward to building a boxing academy in the state.

“Our country was going through difficult times, the development of sports in general and boxing, in particular, did not proceed at the highest rates, but now we are paying great attention to this area,” the Palestine president said.

“We will be happy to assist the creation of a boxing academy in Palestine and the implementation of the program for introducing the discipline of “boxing” into the curriculum of schools and higher educational institutions.”

Through a series of development programs, AIBA offered financial aid to athletes of numerous countries during this year’s mega event.

Moreover, President Kremlev has been meeting political and sports leaders to encourage a culture where the sport grows and contributes to social development.

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