Al Bernstein Gives His Take On Benavidez Vs. Andrade

Al Bernstein, the Hall of Fame boxing reporter, has given his take on David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade.

The fight will see two undefeated fighters face each other on November 25th, 2023, for the WBC interim super middleweight belt. The victor will become the mandatory for Canelo Alvarez’s undisputed title after the WBC made the order official at their 61st convention. Benavidez is the favorite as he arrives into the fight with a win over Caleb Plant. As for Andrade, the two-weight world champion is no easy opponent, even if his success has come at 154 and 160 pounds. Benavidez’s power is expected to go up against Andrade’s tricky style and boxing IQ. In response, Bernstein expected a close fight.

“[Andrade’s] mission is to stay off the ropes and not allow Benavidez to trap him there. Winning rounds is something Andrade is good at, and he feels he can win enough of them to walk away with a big win. This will start with putting rounds in the bank early because Benavidez has had slow starts, such as in his match with Caleb Plant.

“David Benavidez is a volume punching machine when he gets rolling. But, even if his volume is diminished a bit, as it was against Plant for much of the fight, he can compensate with power shots that change the tenor of the fight. He did that in the Plant fight. A key to his success will be positioning himself so he can deliver his powerful left hook to the body—one of his best weapons,” Bernstein

The social media response favored a win for Benavidez since he was the younger and more powerful fighter, with Andrade being seen as getting stopped in the later rounds following a positive start. Nevertheless, there was a perception that Andrade could pull off an upset since he does have more experience.


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