Al Haymon’s PBC is in Talks with Amazon Prime

With Showtime expected to be exiting boxing in 2024, Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions is in search for a new broadcasting partner, many fans and media members alike pondered the possibilities for PBC’s deep stable of fighters.

According to Chris Mannix, it’s his understanding that PBC’s preferred destination is the streaming platform, though he is unsure if their specific surround becoming the new ‘home’ for PBC boxing, similar to what Showtime provided as a partner, or if one-off show partnerships are the route to take. However, he does know that dialogue has begun between both parties.

“My take on Amazon. If they do want to get into boxing, don’t do an exclusive deal with anybody. I think exclusive deals have been a major problem in boxing over the years because it has shrunk the pool for available fights and available shows,” Mannix shared.

“If they say they have 200 million dollars a year on boxing, hire somebody to oversee that and say, ‘Look, you’re a promoter, and you want to do fights on our streaming service, pitch the fight. Don’t give me bad fights just because we have to provide you with 10, 12, 14 fights.’ That doesn’t work. It’s proven it doesn’t work. I think Amazon has an opportunity because they can afford to throw a couple of millions at boxing and do some good things, do some big things,” Mannix continued.

PBC has long garnered a reputation to collaborate with some of the most elite fighters in the sport, and their reputation for compensating fighters is a theme that has led to relationships with stars like Canelo Alvarez, Terence Crawford, Deontay Wilder and Gervonta Davis among others.

PBC’s contract with Showtime expires in 2024, with the next year of their relationship rumored to focus almost exclusively on PPV attractions. The sheer size of PBC’s stable will make talks surrounding their next broadcast partner exciting.




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