Aldo: No Moral Victory for McGregor

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor don’t necessarily have the best relationship. Months of verbal sparring between the two led up to an undisputed UFC Featherweight Championship bout at UFC 194 in December 2015, which McGregor won in mere seconds.

But after McGregor’s loss in his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26, it was Aldo who was the one laughing (via Twitter).

Aldo claims that he didn’t watch the fight — instead, he says, he was attending a football game. He also hinted a claim that he may not have been the one to compose the tweet.

“I can’t even talk about what happened, because I didn’t watch the fight,” Aldo said. “I talked about it a lot. I was surrounded by boxers where I was, and they talked about the fight. But I didn’t watch it myself. You know every athlete has people who handle their social media – who work their social media.”

Aldo says he still hasn’t had a chance to watch the fight since coming home from California to sharpen up his own boxing. He says a friend gave him updates on what was going on, and he was not surprised by the result.

“I spent this entire time with them, and they said that was going to happen,” Aldo said. “Conor doesn’t have good cardio, and [they] knew he’s not used to boxing. Mayweather was closed up, just waiting for the time to pounce. The guy hadn’t fought for two years.

“A lot of people talk a lot of crap, like, ‘Oh, he landed many more blows than Pacquiao or Cotto and everyone.’ But no one says that [Mayweather] didn’t fight for two years. He didn’t even prepare for the fight. He knew, like everyone at the gym said, that it would be very hard [for McGregor to win] – very, very hard.”

After the fight, many praised McGregor for lasting 10 rounds with Mayweather, who improved to 50-0 and announced permanent retirement from boxing. But Aldo says McGregor has no reason to celebrate at all.

“First of all, you try to prove that with someone who’s almost 41, who’s been away [from boxing]. Of course, it was a money fight. A moral victory would have been taking on an active boxer, a champion, and then fought him. And then you’d see how he would barely last a round. Because it’s an entirely different sport. We need to put ourselves in our places.

“I’m an MMA athlete. I can’t go tomorrow and say I’m going to do Muay Thai in Thailand with a Thai fighter, because I can punch and kick well. There’s no way. Each one in their places. I respect martial arts, so I put myself in my place. I don’t see a moral victory.”

But to give some positives to the fight, Aldo said the Money Fight exposed some new eyeballs to the sport of MMA, even though the events leading up to the fight were less than well-received.

“I’m happy he did a big fight, and I think it promoted MMA,” Aldo said. “I’m happy because of that. But as for the fight itself? Nobody liked the way it happened. They thought it was a circus. I don’t know what they’re saying [in Brazil], but in America that was the comment — that it was a circus fight.”

Original story: MMA Junkie

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