Alejandra Jimenez Suspended By The WBC, Franchon Crews-Dezurn Reinstated As Champion

A long and stressful game for Franchon Crews-Dezurn has finally come to an end. After months of butting heads with the World Boxing Council, Crews-Dezurn has been reinstated as WBC Super-Middleweight Champion.

With Crews-Dezurn being reinstated, the punishment to opponent Alejandra Jimenez is a nine-month suspension. The suspension ends on October 10, 2020. In addition, a probation status of one year will be given to Jimenez until October 10, 2021.

Following a split decision loss to Jimenez (12-0-1, 1NC) back in January where Crews-Dezurn (6-1, 1NC) lost the WBO and WBC Titles, Jimenez tested positive for stanazolol, a banned substance. Jimenez’s “A” sample from January 10 tested positive, Crews-Dezurn’s results came back negative. A 90-day suspension was issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations following the result.  Jimenez failed to comply with providing sustainable evidence of her potential innocence, and her “B” sample also came back positive.

The WBO stripped her of the belt and reinstated Crews-Dezurn as champion. The WBC, however, did not do so right away. Deciding to go through their own investigation, the WBC was waiting for the results before determining a proper conclusion.

The WBC ended up releasing the following:

“As a result of the Adjudication Agreement, the WBC declared the result of the Franchon-Crews v. Jimenez bout a “no-contest” thus reinstating its recognition of Franchon Crews Dezurn as the WBC World Super Middleweight Female World Champion.”

Due to the economic situation surrounding the world as a result of the coronavirus, the WBC will not impose a monetary fee on Jimenez. During her probation status, Jimenez will undergo random drug testing, and if she fails to comply she will be suspended indefinitely.

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