Alex Pereira Reacts To Israel Adesanya Trolling His Son, Plus His Future Plans

Alex Pereira has shared his plans for the future following UFC 287 in the aftermath of his knockout loss to Israel Adesanya

Adesanya had previously lost to Pereira in two kickboxing matches and one MMA fight, but in the main event of UFC 287, he defeated his rival with a brutal knockout in the second round, making it fourth time lucky. 

Following the knockout, Adesanya mimicked the actions of one of Pereira’s sons, which he had shown in the ring after the Brazilian had knocked him out in 2017. 

Despite some criticism labeling the action as unpleasant and unnecessary, Pereira seemed unfazed by the antics.  

“I don’t know I wouldn’t do the same. Today he [my son] is 12 years old and before the fight, I saw that he was being influenced by other people, right?

“(He even) participated in some interviews and some reporters said, ‘You going to do this (again)?’ (He said), ‘I’m going to do it again. I  wouldn’t do it. If he did it, if he felt better that way, okay, it’s a relief,” Pereira

This could suggest that a third fight in MMA is possible. Despite this, Dana White and Adesanya downplayed the idea of a trilogy, with claims that Pereira could move to light heavyweight.

Regardless of what the case may be, Pereira is not going anywhere.

“All the people who are following me since kickboxing, they know I am a hard worker and dedicated. I never quit…Guys, I promise you, I’m going to come firm and strong. I’m going to come stronger than ever. You can write this down.”

With that being said, the Brazilian has some serious thinking to do moving forward.

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