Alexander Volkanovski Not Sure What’d He Get Out Of ‘Beating Up’ Henry Cejudo

Current featherweight king Alexander Volkanovski has many opportunities to defend his title once again.

One of his opportunities is against former bantamweight and flyweight champion Henry Cejudo, known as Triple C. But the champion doesn’t think Cejudo is a worthy opponent for him — the only benefit?

The payday.

“But again, does he deserve to just jump the queue when he’s been retired for how long? You know, what do I get out of beating him up anyway? Does that move me anywhere?” Volkanovski questioned.

“It’s a paycheck. If I do it, it’s purely for the pay check.”

Cejudo said in September that he planned to come out of retirement to face Volkanovski.

After dethroning Max Holloway and defeating him in a very close rematch, Volkanovski defended his featherweight gold for the second time against Brazilian jiu-jitsu master and former title challenger Brian Ortega on his second attempt at winning the title.

Ortega showed lots of improvement, but it was not enough to defeat the current champion.

There are great contenders in the featherweight division.

Holloway could be next for the title shot after his battering performance Saturday, but Yair Rodriguez also proved that he is a worthy contender after going the distance with Holloway.

If Giga Chikadze defeats his next opponent in staggering fashion, he might be the next title challenger. A few days ago, he was warned Volkanovski on Twitter that he’s coming for the belt.

Considering his options, Volkanovski doesn’t think defeating Cejudo would help him improve.

“No one gives me credit for beating you up because that’s expected to happen. Everyone knows that’s what I’m gonna do,” Volkanovski added.

“… No disrespect to him, I’ve got a lot of respect, I think he’s got a lot of skills, but I’m used to big boys trying to put a beating on me… You’re not gonna out strategize me and whatnot, you ain’t gonna hurt me, so it just doesn’t make sense… If they wanna throw money at it I’ll be like, ‘Hey, alright, I’ll give him that chance.'”

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