Alexander Volkanovski Wants A Rematch With Islam Makhachev – ‘I Won’

Volkanovski may postpone his plans to return to the featherweight division

Despite coming out on the wrong end of a decision against Islam Makhachev at UFC 284, Alexander Volkanovski has expressed his desire for an immediate rematch, postponing any plans he had for returning to the featherweight division.

Numerous supporters thought Volkanovski had done enough to be declared the winner. He argued that the result did not provide a conclusion as to who was the number 1 pound-for-pound fighter.

Makhachev was declared the victor by unanimous decision with a score of 48-47 on two cards and 49-46 on the third, but in truth, this story has not been settled. 

In his comments on the MMA hour, Volkanovski said:A lot of people thought I won that fight, I thought I won that fight, and I moved up. I think he thought he might have lost.

“He was even saying, ‘We need to do a rematch’ to his corner when he went back to his corner. He didn’t say loss, but I mean, he thought, ‘We need to do the rematch’, thinking that I was going to get my hand raised.”

Makhachev denied that version of events, asserting that his victory strengthened his position as the best fighter in the world. Nonetheless, Volkanovski claimed that the lightweight champion and the UFC were in favor of a rematch, even though there had not been any official talks about it.

He added: “When I’m doing this lightweight thing, that’s why we’re doing this interim belt. We don’t want to hold divisions up, and he’s gonna be the guy looking after that while I’m gone. He can hold that until I’m there.”

Volkanovski Reacts To Makhachev’s Alleged IV Use

Volkanovski also addressed suspicions that Makhachev may have been using intravenous lines (IV) in his fights. After their fight, Dan Hooker started to make accusations against Makhachev, alleging that he had hired a nurse to give him an IV after the weigh-in.

Hooker believes that Makhachev exceeded the acceptable thresholds of fair play at the UFC 284 event, even though the use of IVs is allowed to a certain degree. As of now, there is no strong proof to back up the notion that Makhachev acted improperly prior to the fight. And interestingly, Volkanovski had a little dig at Makhachev prior to Hooker’s assertions.

He continued: “I’d say he was about 81kg [178lbs]. You fuel up pretty quick with IVs and stuff like that. Maybe that’s a little shot at him, but it is what it is.”

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