Alistair Overeem Admits That He Wanted To Finish His Career At UFC

Heavyweight Alistair Overeem may have one regret.

Overeem said he has enjoyed every bit of his decade-long MMA career with the UFC. He’s currently fighting in GLORY kickboxing, but regrets not having finished his career with UFC.

“You can’t forget, I am 41 years old. I am getting a little bit older. If it was up to me I would’ve liked to finish in UFC, but it was not up to me,” Overeem said.

UFC released the 41-year-old following his KO loss to Alexander Volkov this February. While most people expected Overeem to be upset with the promotion’s decision, he was okay with it.

“I’m professional – I’m realistic,” he said. “This is something the UFC can do after you lose. That is the terms of their contracts, they can release you from the contract. I’ve had a good time with the UFC.”

He believes that his absence in the UFC’s heavyweight division will allow youngsters to make an impact. The 41-year-old admitted that winning the heavyweight crown at the end of his UFC career would have been befitting.

“Only the UFC belt is missing from my wall. We were so close. It is what it is,” he added. “If there would be one thing I could’ve changed or wanted it would be that UFC belt. But on the other hand (I had) so many beautiful victories. So many exciting moments. I’m proud about (my career there).”

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