Alvarez Talks Tough Loss to McGregor

Eddie Alvarez took a beating on Saturday night, but he earned the respect of many by sticking around to discuss his UFC 205 loss following the event. While he entered his first lightweight title defense confident, Alvarez found himself dazzled and stung by the striking of Conor McGregor.

"I fought a bad fight," Alvarez said after the loss. "The idea wasn’t to go in there and box and stand in front of him. I didn’t fight a good fight. … We started throwing kicks, and the kicks were successful. I would have started throwing more. We didn’t wrestle enough. The idea was to go in there and wrestle. Wrestle a guy who likes to box, and I didn’t do that. Not quite sure why I didn’t do that. But I didn’t do it tonight, and I paid for it. He capitalized.”

Many expected Alvarez to attempt to take McGregor down early and that the Irishman would have the advantage in the standup, but few predicted just how lost McGregor would make Alvarez look. The Philadelphia fighter was dropped repeatedly in the first round and was stung with a vicious counter every time he committed to a strike. In the second round, a four-punch combination was enough to send Alvarez to the canvas one last time and the referee stepped in.

When asked if McGregor’s power was more than what Alvarez expected, he said that it was actually the quickness of his opponent’s punches that shocked him.

“It was more speed,” Alvarez said. “I think I got dropped. The first time I was dropped, I remember being on my butt, and I was like, ‘Wow that was quick. Whatever that was, it was fast.’ I’ve been there before a lot of times in my career. I’ve been dropped. I don’t panic. I get my composure and get right back up. It was more – his speed and timing were very good.”

Alvarez did attempt a couple takedowns, but McGregor was able to stuff them with ease. Looking back, Alvarez realized that he allowed himself to get into boxing exchanges with McGregor more than he had planned to.

“I’ll be the first to admit that was not my intention to go into that fight,” Alvarez said. “That was stupid, it was foolish, and I paid for not sticking to the game plan. I paid for it. I didn’t stick to the game plan. … I apologize. I fought a stupid fight, it wasn’t a good fight, it wasn’t my plan, and I paid for it.”

Despite the war of words — and nearly chairs — that took place in the leadup to the fight, Alvarez was humble in assessing the fight and offered his praise to McGregor’s dominant performance.

“It’s incredible (what McGregor has done). My hat’s off to him. He did a phenomenal job, and he continues to do an incredible job for MMA.”

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