Alycia Baumgardner Cleared To Box After Suspension Lift

Alycia Baumgardner says she is free to box despite her positive test for Mesterolone and Methenolone.

The Undisputed Super Featherweight Champion tested positive after a urine test on July 12 last year. That was three days before her bout with Christina Linardatou, which she won via a unanimous decision. 

Baumgardner promised to prove her innocence. The major sticking point was that Baumgardner had provided a negative sample after the fight and one before on June 16. But the substance was known to be taken orally, and the news of her failed test only came to light in August. She questioned the results, feeling it was ‘essentially impossible.’

Now, she has been cleared. The Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission removed her suspension, which had been imposed by The Association of Boxing Commissions. An eight-month investigation no longer found her guilty. Baumgardner had initially been cleared by the WBC, which found no evidence she had taken the substance intentionally. The boxer is now free to resume her career.


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