Amanda Nunes Not Sure Dana White Keeps Featherweight Division If She Vacates

UPDATE: Added Amanda Nunes’ response to this article and clarified the source of the Combate translation.


Amanda Nunes says UFC President Dana White wants to cut off the women’s featherweight division.

Nunes is a UFC “champ-champ.” She holds the UFC Women’s Featherweight and Bantamweight Titles. The UFC still doesn’t have a top 15 rankings list for the women’s 145-pound weight class. Nunes has already beaten Cris Cyborg, Felicia Spencer, and the recently-released Megan Anderson, which has led many to wonder how long the UFC will keep the women’s featherweight division around.

During an interview with Combate (translation via Google Translate), Nunes said that a new contender is bound to emerge at 145 pounds.

“It’s good to have both belts, it’s a guarantee. We never think about things going wrong, but we have to be safe. I have two and I will stay with them forever. It’s better than just having one, for sure. I will wait, they will surely find someone.”

Nunes went on to claim that White is pushing to get rid of the women’s featherweight division.

“Dana wants to end this [weight class], but I said that, as long as I’m a champion, I want it open. I think what gets in the way of featherweight is talent. I find it difficult to find talented girls in this category. I may be wrong, but we are seeing the girls who fought Cris needed a little more. It’s not that they’re really bad athletes, but they needed a job. It is difficult to find these girls. In the bantamweight division, girls are not so heavy. Megan was a featherweight of origin, she was very big. We looked at her, she looked like a giraffe (laughs). But is Lioness afraid of a giraffe there? Go for the neck!”

In an update, Nunes’ said what he truly wanted to say is that she isn’t so sure White would keep the division around if she vacates.

“What I’m saying is, if I decided to not defend it anymore, I’m not sure he would keep the division around.”

Nunes is set to put her bantamweight gold on the line against Julianna Pena next. The title fight will be featured on the UFC 265 card in August.

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