Amanda Serrano Drops Her WBC Title Over Equality

Amanda Serrano has vacated her WBC featherweight title after the organization refused to impose 12 three-minute rounds for women’s boxing.

Under the current rules, women’s boxing operates under ten two-minute rounds. However, for her last fight against Danila Ramos, Serrano fought under men’s rules as she won by a unanimous decision. The WBC refused to sanction that, as Serrano retained her WBA, IBF and WBO titles instead. Following her victory, Serrano indicated her intention to have all of her fights under the same rules as men’s boxing. And that has now resulted in her vacating the belt. 

“Moving forward, if a sanctioning body doesn’t want to give me and my fellow fighters the choice to fight the same as the men, then I will not be fighting for that sanctioning body. The WBC has refused to evolve the sport for equality. So, I am relinquishing their title…Thank You to the sanctioning bodies who have evolved for equality. If you want to face me in the ring, you have a choice. I’ve made mine. Thank you to all of my fellow fighters who have stood with me. Thank you to my team. Thank you to my fans. And above all, thank you God. I’m blessed,” Serrano 

The WBC has yet to respond to the decision, but it will increase the pressure on the organization if other female fighters follow suit. And since the other boxing organizations have supported Serrano, it has left the WBC out in the cold. Will the organization go back on their word and yield to Serrano’s decision? The failure to do so may alienate other fighters, but at the same time, would boxers have too much power? Regardless, the move has generated a lot of talking points on social media.


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