Amir Khan Announces His Return, Could It Be Against Pacquiao?

Amir Khan has suggested that he is coming out of retirement. 

The two-time junior welterweight champion walked away from the sport following his loss to Kell Brook.

A comprehensive defeat in the sixth round marked an end to his career, as it was clear that Khan’s legs and suspect chin were not enough to keep him at Brook’s level. 

However, in the aftermath of the loss, Khan’s career came under the microscope. He ended up testing positive for Ostarine, a drug known for enhancing muscle growth.

Although the amount was minuscule, it raised question marks over the sport of boxing as the news followed Conor Benn’s two failed tests for Clomiphene.

As a result, Khan was given a two-year ban from the sport despite being retired since strict liability was enforced. In his defense, Khan had this to say

“I’ve never cheated. But I’ve got a two-year ban now, which is quite strange and funny because I’m already retired anyway. There’s no comeback planned at all. But I’ve never cheated, and I never will. That’s just not something I would do,” Khan 

As such, Khan is eyeing a return to the ring. It is unlikely that he will have a professional fight. Therefore, an alternative could be an exhibition.

Khan has been linked with fighting Manny Pacquiao, which would be a big draw. After all, Manny is an eight-division champion.

Meanwhile, Khan and Pacquaio were stable mates at the ‘Wild Card’ gym. Regardless of what the case may be, Khan has teased a big announcement. 

“I think there’s gonna be a massive announcement in the next week or so. I might be coming back in the ring again. I might be fighting again. It’s not gonna be a small fight, it’ll be like a super fight as well.

“The deal was that big I couldn’t turn it down. So that’s why I’ll get myself back in the gym again, train again. It’ll be a massive fight. We’ve kept it very quiet at the moment,” Khan

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